3 Ways To Maximize Your Marketing Reach Using A Photo Booth

What better way to market your event than through our photo booth experience. With a photo booth we could offer something to attendees that would reach outside of the event to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people?

When people attend any sort of event, it is almost guaranteed that they will take and/or want photos to commemorate their attendance. People love take-home goodies to remember the event by.

1. Branded Photo Booth Prints
On-site printed photos with your branding will more often than not end up in offices, homes or inside lockers. Guests will post a photo of the prints on social media. As passersby or their social media followers look at these photos, they will also see your company’s branding!

Social Light - FS Financial

2. Photo Booth Background Promotion
On top of this, the general background of the photos can have your branding printed on them. So not only would your branding be on the print, it would also be on the background of all the photos!

3. Branded Shared Photos
We offer sharing stations with our photo booth set up. These allows guests to send their photos to their e-mail or share on Facebook or Twitter instantly. We are set up so that if you have a specific hashtag for your company, it will automatically add it into the post.

Show me the numbers!
So, say you have an event of only 100 people and they all have approximately 300-500 followers/friends on social media. If they all shared a photo on social media, that would result in an outside reach of 30,000-50,000 people. And that’s not including the branded photos they display in their home or office. People are likely to give a company or organization their business if they are fun and relatable.

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