Keep the kids entertained with a photo booth

We celebrated Hannah’s 4th birthday with our open concept tilting booth. A photo booth is a great way to keep the kids entertained and providing party souvenirs for everyone.

Your kids will love the kids friendly photo booth set up with a bench seat for the little ones and the camera angle adjusted to suit. Add in the kids themed prop box and watch their eyes light up.

Hannah’s party had everything from snacks, candy bar, bubble machine, jelly bean games and even a face painter.






We even offer photo booth games.

Photo Booth Charades
A charades-style game can help kids to loosen up and just have fun in front of the camera. To play photo booth charades, place slips of papers on which you’ve written commands, such as “stick out your tongue” or “make a frightened face” into a hat. Ask guests to draw slips from the hat when they enter the photo booth, and have the photographer snap shots as the subjects act out their commands.

We offer day-time rates for kids parties. Keep your kids entertained for hours with a photo booth. If you are interested in having a photo booth at your next party contact us.

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