Our Glitzy Backdrops

We want all our photos to shine as brightly as you do. To do that, we have 6 amazing Glitz Backdrops ready to go for any occasion. Our cool backdrops will transform any photo booth experience drastically from plain to extravagant full of sparkles and bling. These luxe designs are sure to impress.


Silver – A classic favourite. Our silver glitz backdrop matches all types of décor.

Silver Glitz Backdrop

Gold – The go-to. Pairs well with any colour theme, and definitely adds a touch of elegance to the night.

Gold Glitz Backdrop

Antique Gold – A darker version of our gold backdrop. A classic vintage look.

Antique Gold Glitz Backdrop

Blush Pink – Add a feminine touch with the Blush Pink Glitz backdrop!

Blush Pink Glitz Backdrop

Midnight Blue – Add a touch of elegance with our dark Midnight Navy Blue glitz.

Midnight Blue Glitz Backdrop

Black Twinkle – Not into too much shine? Add just a little bit of shimmer with our Black Twinkle Glitz backdrop!

Black Twinkle Glitz Backdrop

Add one of these Glitzy Backdrops to your next photo booth rental!

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