9th Annual Deighton Cup

One of the most anticipated events of the summer, the Deighton Cup is known for it’s fashion, food, entertainment and being an event like no other.

An all day event with food catered by Cocktails & Canapes and a first for 2017, an appearance by Dixie’s. The sought after drink of the event was wine supplied by New District but, there were definitely cocktails to spare. Entertainment in the forms of photobooth, extravagant cars provided by Miles End Motors and of course, the top-notch fashion were accompaniments to the horse races. The event overlooked the entire track, courtesy of the venue, Hastings Racecourse. The venue alone can be a reason to attend the Deighton Cup but knowing that some proceeds go to charities such as Variety – The Children’s Charity and imagine1day might be a better one.

Dang Good Booths was lucky enough to be apart of such an event thanks to Miles End Motors. The photo booth was definitely able to capture the creative fascinator and dazzling outfits that the Deighton Cup is known for. CTV Morning Live Vancouver covered how to dress for the Deighton Cup and expressed how you can find all you need with local designers from Vancouver. We witnessed a wide array of styles and takes on the Deighton Cup derby theme and with the Style Stakes Best Dressed Awards, everyone knew to dress to impress.


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