5 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Photo Booth

What are your fees?

Be care of the “sweet deal” photo booth

We receive a lot of inquires every day and sometimes customers let us know that they’ve found a lower price on a Groupon or Facebook deal. Later they find out that the initial quote they received didn’t include all the extra “junk” fees. Some of these companies are charging fees for travel, delivery, setup/take down, props, scrapbooks, online gallery, extra prints, etc. Also, if companies are offering lower prices they may not a full time business or fully insured.

Do you have liability insurance?

Be sure you are protected

We know, it’s a photo booth, what could possibly happen? Nothing is going to happen, but the reality is most wedding venues require that outside services have liability insurance in place. This question will also separate the fly-by-night companies from the serious
ones. Those who just run a photo booth business on the side will not be willing to pay the costs of having insurance. This is our only business, we live and breathe photo booths and are fully insured.

Do you have references?

The best indicator of the future is the past clients

. Employers, landlords, and others ask for references, why shouldn’t you. This is your event and everything needs to run perfectly. Feel free to ask us for references or testimonials, we have plenty! We have over 150 reviews about our photo booth service. Feel free to visit our yelp page, facebook reviews or google review.

What does the photo booth look like?

The design and look of the booth is important

This is your wedding, one of the most important days of your life, and everything needs to be perfect. The last thing you want is a beautiful reception area, with an ugly, makeshift photo booth in the corner. We have seen some interesting photo booths out there. Some appear to be homemade, constructed with painted wood, shower rods, exposed PVC pipe, and curtains attached. We did a lot of research before deciding on the photo booth we designed and purchased. Our booth is elegant, classy and professionally constructed.

What are the quality of the photos?

Make sure the photos are high resolution and keep sake worthy

It may seem simple, but there is actually a lot that goes into capturing a high-quality photo in a photo booth. Ask the company to see examples of past photos. Do they appear dark or is the camera flashing? Our photo booth has studio lighting, just like the lighting used at a professional photo shoot. We employ a Canon DSLR camera that takes awesome photos. Lastly, find out what kind of printer they use? We use a dye-sublimation printer that prints beautiful black & white and color photos in about 10 seconds. No need to wait for the ink to dry!

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