How to Download to Mobile?

Want to download your wonderful photo booth pics to your phone? Here’s how! Step One: You will need to select which images they wish to download individually. Once you have selected an image you wish to download, they can simply click on the download icon to begin downloading the image (shown in the first iPhone below). You will be asked […]

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Fundraising Events + Photo Booth Sponsorships

Dang Good Booths values the importance of working with non-profits. We offer discounted prices as well as corporate sponsorship opportunities. Costs can really add up when plan an annual auction, gala, or fundraising night. In addition to venue costs, food and drinks, hosts are increasingly pressed to add additional entertainment and activities to set their special event apart. It is […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Yes, It’s Still Cool to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding It seems like every time a fun new trend hits the wedding scene, someone is already declaring it “cliché.” Photo booths have gone from a fun novelty to a common occurrence at every wedding. Now many couples are worried it’s played-out. But people could say the same thing […]

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Taylor’s 100 days Celebration!

After a new baby is born it is common nowadays to have a party to introduce relatives and friends to the new addition to the family. The Asian tradition to celebrate 100 days of a baby’s birth is gaining traction and we are participating in more of the baby celebrations. Our first 100 days celebration of 2017, honoured baby Taylor! […]

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A Wish to Wed: Linda & David

We came across “A Wish to Wed” on Facebook and we were so happy to have a found a way to take what we do and give back to others. The Wish to Wed Society is a volunteer-run nonprofit group that grants weddings and vow renewals to couples suffering from terminal or life-altering illness. Shortly after we enlisted to be […]

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Tiff & Joe

This cold weather is making us remember some beautiful weddings at the UBC Boathouse, let us reflect back on Tiff & Joe’s wedding. Beautiful calligraphy sprinkled across the venue was all done by the bride herself.  And speaking of done themselves, the groom was also the DJ! In terms of entertainment, definitely entertaining. Weddings at the Boathouse are always beautiful […]

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Czach Aerol Ali’s 1st Birthday

One most well-themed 1st birthdays we’ve ever been apart of. Star Wars party hats, plates, balloons and more out-of-this-world decorations, the little Darth Vader dressed, Czach Aerol Ali had a party the guests will sure be talking about, and they’re kids will be talking about. The guests and their little ones definitely each had their turn at the booth, as […]

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Trang & Thang

Trang & Thang said ‘I Do’ in Vietnam but wanted to re-create the magic for their friends and family in Vancouver. So with the help of an amazing team of vendors, Trang & Thang had a beautiful celebration for over 300 guests. Guests entered the Pink Pearl Seafood Restaurant to find stunning flower wall offset by blush pink and gold […]

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