The best time to have your photo booth start is during the cocktail hour and run throughout the reception. This gives your guests the chance to have something to do while there is down time. If the cocktail hour and reception are too far apart – then having it running during the reception after dinner works great as well. We also offer break/idle time for $50/hr so the booth can be on-site and not in use.

Your photo booth will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the rental start-time. It takes us about 20 minutes to set-up the booth. Please have a clear 9x9ft area with access to an electrical outlet ready for us.

  • Set-up area: A open area of a minimum of 9ft x 9ft to operate within (and ceiling height a min of 8ft 6in) – be sure to notify us if they ceiling height is lower, we will have to bring a smaller backdrop stand
  • Electrical: Access to an electrical outlet with in 10ft of operating area (we will bring the extension cord, don’t worry about that)
  • Table: A min 4ft table for props and photo samples

We are based in east side Vancouver. We mainly setup our photobooth in the Greater Vancouver area (Van, N. Van, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey). But we have setup our photobooth as far as Whistler, Harrison and Victoria. Events outside of the Greater Vancouver area will incur a .55cent per km round trip fee + any additional tolls.

Break/idle time is used to split up the rental time. For example, 3 hours with 1 hour break/time means that you can setup the photobooth for 1 hour during cocktail hour, then take a break for 1 hour for dinner/speeches, then open the photobooth again for 2 hours. It can also be used to have your photo booth set-up earlier before your booking actually starts.

Our team consist of friendly, expert photo booth hosts, who have years of photo booth experience. Our host will arrive to your event at least 45 minutes early to deliver and setup the photo booth and prop table. Our host then stays with the photo booth throughout the entire event and makes sure everything runs perfect. We provide two hosts depending on the size of the party and length of the booking.

The host will replace the printer ink and paper if needed, keep the prop table organized, insure everyone contributes to the photo scrapbook (if booked) and see to it everyone has a night to remember.

At the end of the event, our host will take-down the photo booth, clean-up and it will be as if we were never there.

  • Parking: To avoid any delay in your photo booth setup, you are required to make arrangements and pay for any parking charge for one vehicle prior to our arrival. Let us know if there is a designated parking area for your event.
  • Loading: Please provide instructions for ease of accessibility. Direct us to ramped areas, the booth is on wheels, or let us know in advance if the venue can only be accessed by stairs.

Once the booth gets back to our office after the busy weekend, we’ll upload all of your photos to a private online gallery. Your photos can be found on our online gallery http://photos.danggoodbooths.com/ 24-48 hours after your event. As soon as they are uploaded we’ll email you a link that you can share with friends and family. Nothing brings us more joy than after an event to see social media profile photos being changed to a photo our booth took.

The photos and digital files are completely yours. We don’t watermark the photos or sell you prints. The photos are 100% yours to do as you desire.

This is your wedding or big event, you may have been planning for weeks or even months, and everything needs to be perfect. The last thing you want is a beautiful reception area, with an ugly, makeshift photo booth in the corner. We have seen some interesting photo booths out there. Some appear to be homemade, constructed with painted wood, shower rods, exposed PVC pipe, and curtains attached. We did a lot of research before deciding on the photo booth we offer. Our booth is elegant, classy and professionally constructed. We have had it at private estates, inside the homes of celebrities, and at the finest wedding venues. The booth has led lights, tilting option, studio flash, and a beautiful touch screen interface, where you can see yourself and the photos being taken.

We ask for a non-refundable $250 deposit to hold your date. If you do choose to postpone your booking till a later date, we will hold on to your deposit for one year to be applied to a new date. All booking cancellations within 30 days of the event day will result in the loss of your deposit.