Headshot Booth

Add Fresh New Professional Headshots at your Conference

Stuck with a selfie you took in the bathroom as your Linkedin profile photo?
You’re not alone! Which is why our Professional Headshot Photo Booth is the perfect way to engage guests at your conference or event.

Great for Linkedin, company website, Facebook, twitter and other social profiles!

What's Included?

We’ll set up a nice backdrop, bar stool, additional lighting and our Professional Photobooth Host will capture nice, professional headshots for your guests. We will also have an additional iPad sharing station where guests can email a digital copy of their photo instantly and update their profile page with their new photo in seconds!


Great way to direct traffic to key sponsors or an area of the conference
Make your event more memorable with something your guests can take home
More value-add for your guests and great way for guests to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference without leaving the conference.

Pricing & Setup:

Our pricing for our headshot booth is available for half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) rentals.


  • Headshot photo booth rental
  • On-site photo booth host(s)
  • 12” touchscreen
  • High quality DSLR Camera
  • Colour or black and white photo options
  • 4×6” Digital Portrait Headshots
  • Backdrop options (8×8′)
  • 1 Bar Stool
  • Social Sharing Kiosk – for emailing digital photos instantly
  • An ONLINE GALLERY of your images (48 hours after event)
  • Additional studio lighting
  • Additional hours $150/per hour

Generally, we do a 4 hour minimum depending on the number of guests you have in mind. To get an idea of how many guests we’ll be able to take headshots of, we usually spend 5-10 minutes per person so they have time to get comfortable and try a few different angles or smiles!

Colour of Backdrop:

We usually recommend a neutral colour for the backdrop. Popular colours are grey, white, and marble, but we may have other colors that are a better fit for your event once we have some time to chat!

Usually, you don’t need a large area to setup. The professional headshots are often covered by a sponsor or the conference and is placed in an area you want to direct guests to. This way when they’re waiting in line for their headshot, they can stop by the lounge of your largest sponsor and pick up some marketing materials to maximize your sponsor’s presence at the conference.
Set-up area: A open area of a minimum of 10ft x 10ft to operate within
Electrical: Access to an electrical outlet with in 10ft of operating area (we will bring the extension cord, don’t worry about that)
Table: A min 4ft table for printer and photo samples

We include an ipad sharing station where guests can view their photos instantly and email their photos in seconds.
We upload all the headshots to a private online album on our website.
You can share the link to that private album and they can see their photos and download the full resolution file.

For a headshot booth at an event, we see headshots taking 3 to 5 minutes per person (around 12 to 20 people per hour). Some people take less time, some more, and there’s also a lot of time wasted in the transition from one person to another (people talking, moving slow, asking questions, …). We recommend having it be first come, first serve, unless you’re only allowing select group of people to do headshots which in that case I’d give them appointments in the increments of 10 minutes and tell them to be 10 minutes early and ready.