Host a virtual party with a photo booth

virtual booth with your smart phone

Host a virtual party with a photo booth

Calling all remote/virtual party planners! Our event experts will work with you to create an unforgettable virtual photo booth experience. Whether you are planning a team bonding, birthday, wedding or baby shower – we can help document your event with a virtual photo booth! Just an easy way to create photo souvenirs for your virtual event.

You can now host virtual events on google meet, zoom, house party, and facetime! Once you decide where you are going to host or stream your virtual event. Share your dedicated photo booth event phone number with all your guests (even those who cannot attend the virtual event). There is no limit to the number of guests using your virtual photo booth! Have everyone participate in taking selfies and submitting them via text to your virtual photo booth. 

Laptop on desk for virtual events

An unforgettable Virtual Photo Booth that can include everyone around the world!
This is an amazing way to celebrate your birthday, wedding or anniversary! Get everyone to submit a photo from the comfort of their home and they’ll receive a framed photo with a special custom message commemorating your event.


Virtual Photo Booth
How it works:
  1. We’ll create the custom photo frame with art work/info you provide
  2. You take a photo with your cell phone
  3. Text your photo to your dedicated event phone number
  4. You’ll receive your photo back framed
  5. After the event the host will receive an online gallery of all the framed photos collected