why choose a micro-wedding

why choose a micro-wedding

As we navigate what seems to be our new normal the last month we were blessed with the opportunity to be apart of a handful of micro-weddings. These intimate celebrations are growing on us and we love the flexibility and detail some of our local vendors have help our clients with their big day. Weddings these days average well over $30,000 with guests counts reaching 150 of their friends and family members. With all the different micro-wedding packages popping up (thank you covid-19), why would you miss this opportunity to do something special?

What is a Micro-Wedding?

Micro-weddings are an intimate celebration of often 50 or less guests. They still feature your favourite traditions that make a wedding. 

Why Choose a Micro-Wedding?
  • With fewer guests comes fewer opinions and people to please
  • Sometimes it can even mean a smaller budget required
  • More options in terms of spaces and venues to celebrate
  • It’s much easier to add those really special touches for 30 people than it is for 200!
  •  you’re guaranteed to have a super-close connection to every guest,
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Now introducing Micro-Wedding Photo Booth Packages

Micro-weddings give couples the opportunity to create a truly curated event. At Dang Good Booths, we now offer SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE Micro-Wedding Packages that takes care of all of the important photo booth details, custom photo layout to make your day memorable for years to cherish.