Graduation souvenirs

Graduation souvenirs

Graduating from high school or university is no small achievement. If you or a loved one has finished their studies, you’ve got a major milestone on your hands. And chances are, you want to commemorate the experience because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate your academic achievements! 

We have Dang Good Booths set-up a photo booth at the Alumni Centre every year. It's a great opportunity for our alumni and families to take photos together and receive an instant souvenir to take home. - UBC Alumni

Here are 3 reasons why photos are a great souvenir.

Photo Booth at UBC for Graduation


Preserve memories

Firstly, photos are a great way to capture a moment and document your journey through life. Graduation is a big milestone, whether it be from elementary school, high school or university! 

Online gallery of UBC Graduation Photo Booth


Share them online

Secondly, we make it easy for guests to share their digital photos online by offering on-site email or text messaging sharing. We also offer online gallery of  all the photos too.

UBC Graduation photo booth print in frame


Display them

Finally, our prints are professional-grade prints that can be framed and displayed at home for others to enjoy. You can also purchase reprints to display more photos at home

Family photos at the Graduation Photobooth at UBC
We worked with Christina and the Dang Good Booths team for 7 full days and evenings of Graduation Celebration events for alumni UBC. They did a fantastic job and kept the energy up throughout. They greatly added to the celebratory feel and made these receptions extra memorable. Their participation and excellent team work was noticed and appreciated.
UBC Alumni Services

In conclusion, if you are planning a Graduation Celebration this spring, don’t forget to include a photo booth! We offer various types, on-site printing, fully digital and now Virtual Photo Booths.

Alumni UBC Graduation Photo Booth Print 2019
Alumni UBC Graduation Photo Booth Print 2018
Alumni UBC Graduation Photo Booth Print 2018