The Vancouver Club | Best Wedding Venues in Vancouver

The Vancouver Club | Best Wedding Venues in Vancouver

One of our favourite venues in Vancouver is the Vancouver Club. This venue’s exterior and interior architecture details make us feel like we are stepping into a Hollywood movie scene. With its unmatched blend of elegance and urban heritage, from the marbled floor entrance to the fire pit in the Georgian Room, the minor details leave an everlasting impression on all those attending your special night.

With a few options for celebrations of various sizes, you can host all of your wedding activities at the Vancouver Club.

Georgian Room

Vancouver’s most elegant event room features ornate wall mouldings, high ceilings, grand fireplaces, silver chandeliers, and large windows with silver silk drapes. This room can accommodate 100 guests for a ceremony, 60 guests for dinner and 120 for a cocktail hour. Adorned with large windows that leave a natural glow in the daytime and catch a snippet of Vancouver’s calmness during the night, it’s the perfect room to capture your best and appreciate the moment.

If you are hosting your ceremony or cocktail reception in the Georgia Room. In that case, we can set up a photo booth for the cocktail hour reception to entertain your guests while you may be busy having your photos taken. Our Print Booth makes for great entertainment during your cocktail hour.

Cocktail Hour 5-6 pm

Some couples would prefer that the photo booth be set up and ready to shoot before the guests enter the reception hall or cocktail area. A photo booth during the cocktail hour gives your guests the chance to have something to do while there is downtime while you take your beautiful portraits. In addition, a cocktail photo booth is ideal if you would like to have an extended portrait session with your photographer and want your guests to be entertained.

We are at the entrance to snap beautiful playful pictures and sign the guest book with wishes for the special couple. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a shared photo album of all your attending guests. At this time, your guests love their perfect photo booth pictures with their perfect makeup. This is why photo booth prints make fantastic wedding favours.

The Grand Ballroom


The largest room of the Vancouver Club features large arched windows, Austrian oak walls, and columns extending to the high beamed ceiling featuring gold accents. This room can accommodate 200 guests, 170 with a dance floor or 280 reception style. The Grand Ballroom is most often used for wedding receptions but can also double as a ceremony location. The room is one of the most iconic settings in Vancouver and instantly recognizable for its classic elegance.

The stairway lobby is a popular area for a photo booth set-up. This area provides ample space for a complete print booth set-up. It is positioned away from the main party area and allows your guests to step out and have their photos taken without an audience. For those of you who do not have the space for a photo booth set up in the Grand Ballroom, the lobby stairwell is a great option. 

Looking for a way to give guests a more private activity when guests want to escape the noise?

The Grand Ballroom is a melange of fairytale decor and luxurious majesty. Re-open the booth as the dance floor starts and the fun is turned up at the venue! The drinks, music, photos, and fun just flows! Remember that people will surely leave the party without a bit of entertainment after sharing the feast because not all people are into drinking alcohol and loud music. This time is ideal if the bride and groom want to party and take photos with their guests.

The University Room

Framed by beautiful floor-to-ceiling pillars, this bright room has large windows, silver chandeliers, and high ceilings. This space can accommodate up to 170 for a ceremony, 80 for dinner, and 150 for a cocktail hour. The structure of the University Room allows for the wedding ceremony of your dreams, for those who dream of a majestic long walkway to their loved one. Cream colored walls allow for the flexibility to match the room to your wedding room dream theme. Fancy a pink wedding, or a theme with a bit more greenery? There isn’t a theme that won’t match, we guarantee it! 

The classic fireplace allows you to control what you want to become the centerpiece of the room. Attach your favorite florals or best decorations. Have it become the stage of where you state your wedding vows, or even wedding speeches. The possibilities are limitless with the different ways you can arrange pieces in the University Room. The fireplace can also act as the perfect background prop to add to your photo booth photos.  

With multiple rooms to match every need, the Vancouver Club is the perfect option for those looking to stay in one venue. 

Contact the Vancouver Club for more information on the other rooms and spaces available for events.