Five Places To Avoid Putting Your Photo Booth

Five Places To Avoid Putting Your Photo Booth

Booked a photo booth, but you’re not sure where to put it? Here are some spots that don’t live up to the photo booth hype.

Photobooth set up next to DJ

Next to the DJ

With the loud music, our hosts will have difficulty interacting with your guests. It also makes it hard for guests to interact with each other. As a result, guests may be unhappy with their photos if they can’t hear the hosts call out the countdown or miscommunicate with other guests.

Suggestion: Place the booth away from the DJ and dance floor, try the opposite wall of where your DJ is set up

Outside Your Main Event Room

Placing the booth away from the main attraction leads to fewer photos being taken. Making it harder for guests to be aware of the booth along with its whereabouts.

Suggestion: Place the booth in the back corner of your main room so it’s still visible for all the guests to see

Photobooth set up outside the main event room
Photobooth set up in a room surrounded by windows.


Photo booths that extend over time will typically experience many light changes will making it harder to keep lighting consistent throughout your photos, especially if placed in front of a window. Avoiding windows will also decrease the chances of the backdrop falling over and damaging the window.

Suggestion: For a successful Photo Booth, we required a clutter-free area (e.g. furniture, plants etc. moved), against a solid wall (no windows) that is at least 8’x8′ (WxH) with no obstructions above (e.g. chandelier).

Check out this event where we worked by windows


Just like placing your photo booth in front of the window, placing it outside will make it hard for pictures to come out with a consistent colour. Additionally, the weather is always unpredictable. Although tents and covers help with this, having the booth set up indoors is preferred.

Suggestion: For best results, place your booth indoors. Because our setup is sensitive to the elements (rain, wind, sunlight, etc.) we require outdoor setups to be fully covered and we will consider them on a case-by-case basis.

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Photobooth set up in a field of grass.
Photobooth set up in between the entrance of restaurant and table for eating.

Congested Areas

High-traffic places make it harder for our hosts to focus on your guests solely at the booth to take pictures. In busier areas, you will have unwanted guests entering photographs that weren’t meant for them! The last thing you want in your guests’ photos is the back of a waiter with a tray of empty drinks.

Suggestion: Please note that we can rotate the direction of our setup and/or adjust the placement of the print station to best suit every space, accommodate the best flow of traffic, as well as optimize safety.

Check out an event we worked in a congested location here

Now that you know where NOT to place your booth, try placing your photo booth in an open area that is easily accessible for your guests. Away from the music, but not completely away from the main attraction! Make sure to inform your guests of the photo booth and that it is in a spot that is easy to find. 

Stay tuned to find out about our favourite places to have a photo booth!