Share Your Pictures Instantly with a Sharing Station

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Share Your Pictures Instantly with a Sharing Station

Photo Booths are a popular addition to wedding receptions, fundraisers, and other parties and events. It’s fun to provide customized take-home favours to help your guests remember their experience. In addition, adding a sharing station to your photo booth gives guests more options for instantly accessing and sharing their digital photos.

All photo booth packages include a Sharing Station!

What is Sharing Station?

A Sharing Station is a device that automatically saves each photo taken at the booth and displays them on a second screen. Guests can send the picture to themselves or someone else via email or text, and share it directly to their social media platforms. 

woman using sharing station
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Our professional cameras and studio lighting produce amazing quality photos.

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Share photos and GIFs in realtime using E-mail or SMS and then post online!

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Our Social Sharing Stations allow guests to instantly email or text digital copies of their photos.

Why do you need a sharing station?

Guests no longer have to take a picture of the printed copy of their photos with their phone and then upload a picture of the picture online. Instead, a Sharing Station gives your guests a more fulfilling experience, as they can move to the Sharing Station to view their photos instantly and receive a digital copy.

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Receive your photos instantly!

They are helping to free up the photo booth for other guests to take pictures and keep the line moving quickly. In addition, the Sharing Station stores all the photos from the event so guests can return at any point during the evening to access their digital images.

Sharing station is a robust marketing tool!

The Sharing Station can automatically capture contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. This information can be added to your marketing list for future campaigns and promotions.

Email and text messages can also be customized and sent to your guests, thanking them for attending the event and taking photos.


A Sharing Station at your photobooth not only helps your guests have a better experience at your party or event, but it also serves as a marketing tool you can use to expand your business. All Dang Good Photo Booth rentals come with a fully customizable, fully integrated photo streaming and sharing app your guests can easily use to share their memories.

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