scrapbook add on

glam booth, glam photo booth, glamour photo booth

how it works

photos & messages from your guests

We'll always print one more copy just for your scrapbook. Our attendant will guide your guests to the photo scrapbook table, glue their photo strip onto the scrapbook page and invite your friends and family to write a personal note of congratulations next to it. By the end of the night, your scrapbook will be filled with everyone's photos and wishes - providing a wonderful instant keepsake of your celebration.

whats included

everything you need, just add the book

We include black, silver and gold pens for your messages, an additional print copy of each photo and glue dots to stick the photos down. We also include a bonus pack of stickers to help decorate the pages.

Scrapbook cost:

Scrapbook add on is $150 per event (includes tools and additional prints).


12X12″ scrapbooks are available for purchase for $75 or supply your own.

Now accepting bookings for 2023.

Group with photo booth strip prints