Beauty Filter for Glamour Booth

Also known as the Glamour Filter. This magical filter detects guests’ faces and then beautifully softens their skin. Photoshop is NOT needed. It comes in two strengths (Medium & Strong) of softening and also includes a custom-made high key black and white filter (print in filter 1).

The desired droplet and filter are saved on dropbox.

/Dropbox/Dang Good Productions Inc/DG Productions’s shared workspace/Booth X/Profiles/3. Glamour/Hollywood Filter/…


Use your Glamour Shortcut to open the Glamour Profile.


step 1) How to check if the filter is on

  1. Under File > Set up image editor
  2. Select “use the command line below”
  3. Select the droplet (found on dropbox) and enable “Automatically edit image” by checking this box 
  4. “edit jpeg files only”
  5. Select OK

step 2) adjust printer settings

  1. Under advance settings
  2. Go down to OUTPUT Options: and click “SETTINGS”
  3. Make sure Save copy of processed photos is checked off
  4. Set print delay to 10 seconds
  5. Then back in the advanced settings window, Under “Print photos in” select Filter 1 in the dropdown

Print photos in “filter 1” to get the high contrast black and white look.



  1. Make sure your printer is printing in Greyscale. Go to Printer Setup, Setup Printer, go to the color tab and select greyscale in the colour mode dropdown.