wedding etiquette

Get to the venue early

As the official wedding photo booth, it’s not enough to be on time. You have to be early. It’s a crucial part of wedding day etiquette because the last thing a couple should worry about is where their photo booth host is – or isn’t. This will give you time to not rush through your set-up and checklist.

You can also unload and evaluate your set-up area.

If your set-up time is 5PM, this means in the room and setting up at 5PM – not unloading or looking for parking at 5PM.

Be sure to leave the HQ promptly to give yourself travel time.

BTW we’ve left the extra prints at the guestbook table or inside the card box. (Maybe you gave the extra prints to the mother of the bride)

Dress to impress

You want to blend in with the guests – no athletic gear, sneakers or sandles.

Here’s a simple guide to follow when shooting weddings:

  • Men: A formal shirt and comfortable slacks will do. Black dress shoes – if its a hotel venue, opt for a jacket/blazer.
  • Women:  blouses and slacks are your best bet. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, make sure it’s long enough so you can shoot from every angle. Rompers or skorts are great too! Dress shoes or heels.
  • Black soles are a must! You can always bring a change of shoes for set-up.


Communicate with DOC

Give multiple updates through text to the DOC. This allows for timestamps and proof of communication if any issues arrive.

Here’s a simple guide to communicate:

  • Hi DOC – we are all ready to go, please feel free to come by for a test photo or begin sending guests our way.
  • Update: we have about 30 minutes left of photo booth time – is there any VIPs we should ensure they get their photo taken. Or mention if the Bride and Groom have not been by yet.
  • Please let B&G know we are so thankful to be included in tonights dinner. It was delicious!
  • We have left the extra prints at the guestbook (or inside the card box, or with the mother of the bride).