printer is out of paper

  1. Remove ribbon from box
  2. Remove packaging and tape over ribbon
  3. Open the printer in order to access ribbon area. You must remove the scrap tray and paper tray, then use lower lever to open printer
  4. The ribbon spools are color coded and match up to the spool holders inside the printer
  5. Once the ribbon is loaded, close the printer drawer and ribbon will begin to wind into place

Printer is now ready to use

  1. Remove paper roll from box
  2. Locate the Pull tab and make sure the arrow is pointing down
  3. With the arrow pointing down, make sure to align the paper spools to color match with the printer
  4. Remove the pull tab and feed paper in until paper feed light is activated
  5. Close paper door and 3 to 4 sheets will feed through and cut
  6. Paper is now loaded correctly and printer is ready to print

Quick 3 minute video on how to change the paper & ribbon.

Reminders and Tips:

  • If you successfully changed the paper & ribbon, FOUR blank white sheets of paper will spit out. We call these the alignment sheet. Your photos in the queue should print out in order after these sheets come out.
  • The ribbon is NEW and unused when the PINK side is skinny.
  • Always change the ribbon and paper at the same time.
  • If the ribbon rips, you can tape it back together and roll the damaged part onto the pink rod side and place the ribbon into the printer.