Setting up two options using profiles

Step by Step instructions to create a menu offering a choice of print layouts

You would use this for a Combo Print Booth (portrait + strips) or Glamour Booth (portrait + landscape).


Create a set of profiles for your menu and each choice.


We need three profiles: one each for the Ready menu, the single portrait print layout, and the 3 photo strip layout.



Step 1 – Load your artwork into each profile you are using.

For how to load artwork click here.

In this example, we are using

2 Options – Landscape

2 Options – Strips

Step 2 – Load your Ready Profile

The Ready menu profile needs to run each time the booth is started; and after each guest session finishes.

This is your menu screen that shows the guests the different options available.

You will notice in this profile in the photo booth advance settings  “enable live view” is unchecked. 

In this profile, you will also have to set up your other profile options. 

Click the “profiles” buttons on the bottom.


Make sure profile 1 is your “ready” profile


For this example:

Profile 2 is your “landscape” profile

Profile 3 is your “strips” profile


Set the Default profile loaded at startup and after each shooting sequence to Profile 1. 

This will display your menu each time the photo booth is started; and after each guest session finishes*


Check your TOUCH screen buttons on the Ready Profile to make sure the buttons are going to the right profiles.

  • Select Advanced Settings, and select the Settings button for the touchscreen.
  • In the Touchscreen Settings window, click “Show/edit touchscreen areas…”

The ready menu preview

  • The Touchscreen settings screen allows you to choose the program’s action when you touch different parts of the screen. These are called touchscreen actions.
  • Each action and the part of the screen affected is shown with a dotted box and an action attached to this area.
  • Select the area and hold down on the screen to have a dropdown of actions to choose from to create the button.

in this example:

the left side image will select profile 2

the right side image will select profile 3