setting up your booth and camera

Before setting up your camera to the default settings, make sure your physical booth set-up is perfect.

Set-up Requirements 

  • For a successful Photo Booth Experience, we required a clutter-free area (e.g. furniture, plants etc. moved), against a solid wall that is at least 10’x9′ (WxH) with no obstructions above (e.g. chandelier).
  • The booth will stand 6-7’ away from the backdrop and we need the surrounding area to be fairly open and clear to help with traffic/flow and safety. Simplified, we have a 10×10′ footprint with a 10′ vertical clearance. 
  • Please ensure that this area has access to a power outlet. Because our set up is sensitive to the elements (rain, wind, sunlight, etc.) we require outdoor set ups to be fully covered and we will consider them on a case-by-case basis. 

Photo Requirements 


  • Guests in the photos should 2/3 of the frame. We should be able to use 3/4 of the body just above the knees and up. These photos are not head shots. Guest are typically dressed up at these events and want to show off their outfit. 
  • Images must be appropriately framed without any portion of the backdrop or wall showing.
  • All printed images must be printed with good colour grade and alignment.
  • All cords must be NEATLY taped down using black gaffers tape
  • Photobooth equipment must be clean and not have any visible damage
  • No drinks, food or cellphones will be visibly left on the photo booth at any time during the event
  • All cases will be safely stored away from the booth area
  • Digital image has good margins, no white bleeds



  • Images must be adequately exposed (Default Camera settings for DSLR will be 1/125 Shutter speed, ISO 200-400, and Aperture 8.0) or what is best for a given location.
  • Tip: white backdrops usually lean more towards 400 iso