Five Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at your Office Holiday Party

Five Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at your Office Holiday Party

Photo booths are a great addition to any event, from weddings to birthday parties. For corporate office parties, adding a photo booth is the perfect way to jazz up your annual holiday party. A print photo booth is a quick and easy way to provide extra party entertainment, encourage employees to bond, and so much more.

Most companies have paused their annual holiday event for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adding a photo booth for 2022 is a great way to document the first-holiday party in over two years. In addition, it adds a memorable touch that is different from pre-COVID-19 holiday parties. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is a different place. Your employees are likely to want a party that differs from every other holiday party you’ve held.

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consider these five reasons to add a photo booth this year

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Keepsake for Employees

People love tangible items that they can cherish as keepsakes. Adding a photo booth to your office holiday party is a fun way to allow employees to take something home. Many photo booths for rent have options to print out photo strips and send digital photos. 

You can add holiday-themed photo props to make for an even more fun event. Many holiday photo props include snowflakes, winter themes, Santa hats, and other fun props to make the party fun.

Bonus: A staff photo for the office fridge or wall. 

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Encourage Employee Bonding

You can encourage positive social interactions between employees when a photo booth is present at your office holiday party. Co-workers are more likely to take photos together rather than apart! This is great for creating a positive, collaborative working environment. Having a reputation that your company is welcoming and encourages connection within the workplace is always a good thing to be known for!

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No Extra Work 

As you look for ways to create a memorable holiday party, adding a photo booth delivers fun without adding additional work for you. A photo booth rental requires minimal to no effort on your part, making for a stress-free event. Planning an office holiday party can take some time, but adding a photo booth is quick and easy.


Added Entertainment

Holiday parties need more than just food and drink to be fun! Adding entertainment to a holiday party can be expensive, including live music or hiring a DJ. Adding a photo booth is a relatively inexpensive way to add entertainment to the party. It gives guests something else to do other than mingle, dance, and eat/drink!

Looking for more ways to document your spectacular holiday event? Book a roaming photographer with us as well! 

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Feature on Your Companies Social Media

Customers love a company that knows how to have a good time. Post a couple outtakes on your social media pages to show your customers that your employees can have fun! Who knows? Maybe you’ll attract more employees as well!

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Adding a photo booth is a simple way to set your annual holiday party apart and make it memorable.

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